You've waited, we created and it's almost here!

We will be shipping CDs this week to everyone who ordered them. We were waiting for some goodies to send along with the package and they arrived yesterday. So anyone who ordered one already can expect to see them very soon. If you haven’t yet, head to our bandcamp page and get a copy before the July 23rd release date.

Thank you so much for all the support you have shown and keep showing us. None of this happens without you!

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Band Bio

The Age Of Truth is four brothers-in-arms from Philadelphia, united in the singular pursuit of creating genuine heaviness for an honestly broken world. Our lives are bathed in twisted deception and they unravel it with a scouring purity.


With a fully stocked riff arsenal wrapped in tones of Satanic honey, The Age Of Truth blends fuzz and diesel into heavy psych blues and stoner rock. The perfect soundtrack for a barroom brawl ignited from a single lie.

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