The Age Of Truth brings a glorious riff assortment wrapped in honey dipped Satan, delivered with nothing but honesty. Smoke infused heaviness drips from the soul of this American quartet from Philadelphia, PA. Perfect for an age where only the truth is acceptable, anything less always reveals itself in time.

The Age Of Truth is a band and a brotherhood on a focused mission to create the music they desperately want to hear. There are no lies here, the music is the Truth.

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“…between the record’s art drawing from the theme of the alleged C.I.A. murder of Frank Olson (a scientist experimenting with biological agents who was also dosed with LSD without his knowledge as part of the MK-Ultra project) and the fact that the band’s range is nonetheless presented as a cohesive and well-developed sonic persona of their own rather than simply a series of pieces sourced elsewhere, their debut hits with a marked impact that more than earns multiple revisits.” – JJ Koczan, The Obelisk  (Full Article)

“The music created by The Age of Truth is familiar, yet original. Melodic, catchy and heavy, the songs will get stuck in your head and will have you humming melodies to yourself throughout the day. And the riffs, holy shit, the riffs are non-stop. Forget about this band being labeled as Stoner Rock, they are just an awesome rock band, period. People always say to me that there are no good bands anymore, or I only like the one song from so-and-so band, well you just have to know where to look. This is The Age Of Truth!”Reg Rykaczewski, Heavy Planet (Full Article)

Doom Charts, October 2017:  “This is an absolute beast of a hard rock album and The Age Of Truth are down to earth guys, to boot.  Prepare to be riffed to pieces by The Age Of Truth‘s debut into the heavy underground family via ‘Threshold’.  The vocals ooze with masculinity, as the guitar strokes us with breakneck precision guided by tight, brooding rhythm.  Stadium-level heavy rock for the underground masses.  Pick this up today and save the lies for tomorrow.” – Bucky Brown, The Ripple Effect (Full Article)

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